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YOLOBE | Your Life Only Better


Where opportunity and future meet.

YOLOBE is a LinkedIn for young adults, connecting teens with work and internship opportunities in their communities. The company came to us to help them spread the word and grow their network. The video needed to be simple, showing a reason why this platform is needed and how the platform can be used, but most importantly it needed to inspire network collaborators to want to get involved and make a difference. The most inspiring stories are often true, so we reached out to YOLOBE interns and asked them about their experience with the app, how it had changed their lives, and what kinds of stories they would like to tell. Together we crafted a narrative that hit all of the important points in a way that was both informative and heartfelt.

The video is the brand’s key marketing piece and is used online, in email campaigns, and during promotional and networking seminars.